Third Party Payments


Online Vendor Payments

  • Enter your Vendor ID and Invoice Number and click “Pay Now” to make a payment by Master Card, Visa, Discover or E-Check. The page will redirect to a Secure, PCI-Compliant payment form.
  • Please refer to your invoice to determine your Vendor ID and Invoice Number.
  • Your invoice number will begin with the letter “S” followed by 7 digits.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have questions about Third Party Payments, who can I contact?

When will Owens Credit my account as paid after I have made a Third Party Payment?

Why do I need a Vendor ID and Invoice Number when making a Third Party Payment?

Is my Third Party Payment information safe?

Am I limited to pay only the amount on my billing invoice?

Where is the Vendor ID and Invoice Number located on my billing invoice?