Visiting (客人/瞬态) Students

Owens welcomes visiting students all year round. There are two types of visiting students as defined by the State of Ohio:


Students who report on their admissions application that they are taking classes for self-improvement, personal satisfaction or job enhancement.


Students who report on their admissions application that they are attending another college or university who enroll for a few classes before returning to the other school.

Some of the most popular online classes each semester are Calculus I, Business Statistics, Legal Environment of Business, Introductory Statistics, 微观经济学  解剖学 & 生理学I和II. 还有更多! If you are transient student, what classes do you need for 你的 学位?



(567) 661-2387 or visitingstudents@澳门金沙体育最新官方下载.edu


1 Talk with 你的 Home Institution Advisor

If you are a 瞬态 student, talk with an Academic Advisor at 你的 home college to make sure the courses you take at Owens will transfer back 和 应用 to 你的 学位.

2 完成你的 招生 Application

完成你的 招生程序 尽快. Please select General Student Application (if you are an International 来访的学生, please follow the steps on our Visiting International Student 页面).

In the Additional 信息 section of the application, you will select 你的 Student Type. If you are taking classes:

  • 转回来 to 你的 home college,选择 瞬态.
  • 为 个人浓缩,选择 客人.

3 Activate 你的 臭氧 Account

你将使用 臭氧 注册课程, 付账单, access 你的 Owens Student Email, 和 receive communication from staff about registration.

About 你的 Owens username
Your username is 你的 full first name, underscore, full last name: jonathon_doe. Some usernames will have a number following the last name due to students having a common name (example: jonathon_doe2).

New Owens students will need to activate their account at sspr.澳门金沙体育最新官方下载.edu.

  1. Click Activate Account 和 fill in 你的 information.
  2. Once all information has been filled in, click Activate.
    注意: Your OCID is 你的 Owens nine-digit ID number found on 你的 welcome letter via the personal email account provided on 你的 application 和 a hard copy via U.S. 邮件. If you did not receive a welcome letter, please contact the 招生 Office at (567) 661-7777.
  3. Immediately following the activation process, you will set up 你的 password.
  4. Once done, you can proceed to my.澳门金沙体育最新官方下载.edu 登录你的 臭氧帐户.

Account Activation 常见问题解答s >>

You are required to change 你的 password once you initially log in. Passwords expire every 120 days.
Password reset 常见问题解答s >>

4 Submit a 来访的学生 请求 为m

After activating 你的 臭氧帐户, please complete the 来访的学生 请求 为m.
This form allows you to upload 你的 unofficial transcripts or test scores 和 speeds up the registration process. 来访的学生s do not need to send official transcripts to Owens.

After completing the 请求 为m, monitor 你的 Owens Student Email for notification regarding 你的 registration approval.

Please submit a new 请求 为m before each semester when you take a course at Owens as a visiting student.

5 注册课程

Once you receive notification of registration approval, watch the online web registration tutorial at the top of our 课程表查询 page, 和 complete registration through the “添加/删除类” 的连结 注册卡 在你的臭氧账户里.

6 付款方式

After you register for courses, you can pay 你的 balance online from the Term Account Balance card 在你的臭氧账户里. 请参阅我们的 付款和退款 webpage for additional information on making a payment or setting up a Deferred Payment Plan.

If you typically receive financial aid, contact 你的 home institution’s financial aid office to ask if you qualify for a consortium agreement. The consortium agreement allows financial aid to be based on 你的 combined enrollment at both institutions. Your financial aid will continue to be managed 和 disbursed to you by 你的 homeschool. It is important to know that you are responsible for paying 你的 balance to 澳门金沙体育最新官方下载. 然而, 你的 enrollment in classes at 澳门金沙体育最新官方下载 will be held if a consortium agreement is approved 和 on file with Owens.